The 2015 Goal

Man, person with a binocular on top of a word "goal".This post is a bit overdue, but nonetheless very important one to me. I really want to keep myself accountable with the investment goals I set. I have never written down any of my goals before, in which I never …

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Now is the Time

Stacked three piles of penniesI have been getting quite a few questions from different people on the topic of when is the right time to start investing into the stock market. This is not surprising question to me as I have asked myself this …

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Top Performing Stock of 2013

Lockheed Martin Corp LogoAs a dividend growth investor, I focus on investing into companies that have long history of paying dividends to their shareholders. But, it is also very important that the future outlook for the company is bright, so that the company …

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Dividend-Growth-Investing-Journey-RoadI would like to welcome you to my very personal investing journey as I aim for Financial Independence by using Dividend Growth Investing Strategy!



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