Top Performing Stock of 2013

Lockheed Martin Corp LogoAs a dividend growth investor, I focus on investing into companies that have long history of paying dividends to their shareholders. But, it is also very important that the future outlook for the company is bright, so that the company would continue raising dividends. I love hearing dividend raises because my shares are now earning much more money than they used to. Over time those dividend payouts compound on top of each other giving you much larger payouts then what you started with.

Dividend raises are main attraction, but on the other hand when a companies share value increases exponentially now that is a great news for shareholders. Not only you are receiving your dividends, but now the value of your investment is growing even further. I am sure every investor has had those one or two stocks that come out of no where and shot right up.

My main purpose of this post is that I would like to nominate my top performing stock for the year of 2013, Lockheed Matin Corporation. I have purchased the stock at the end of May 2013 for $105.48 and ended the year at about $147 per share. This is an increase of  38% over about six month period ending before the new year. That is phenomenal stock performance which topped all my other holdings. As I do not primarily focus on major price  growth for my dividend stocks, this was a really nice surprise, in which I will take it any day. But it did not stop there, as it is still going strong now in 2014. Wow, LMT what a year!


  1. Dan Mac @ Dividend Growth Stock Investing on March 1, 2014 at 17:43

    I watched a news show recently (Dateline or one of those) about the new fighter jets being created and built for the U.S. Airforce. They are being developed and manufactured by Lockheed. They look like some amazing machines that will apparently be more advanced than anything ever made giving our military a great advantage. Apparently, our current fighter jets are falling behind in technology putting our fighters at risk if we were ever to have an air fight against some other countries.

    Looks like Lockheed could continue to be a great dividend growth company for many years!

    • DividendVet on March 2, 2014 at 21:16

      Yes, US military have hundreds if not thousands of contracting companies that provide many different services for members of armed forces. In this case it is in helicopters and fighter jets to top secret military equipment.

      The way I see it is there will always be military and companies like LMT will provide their services and products.

      We will see what future holds for LMT, either way it has done outstanding job so far.

      Thanks for stopping by

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