Stock Sell

Stock Sell $COST

Costco Wholesale Company LogoThis company has been on a tear in terms of stock appreciation over the last few years. I’ve been holding this investment for a while now, more specifically since 2015. You can see my purchase post located here. Even …

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Stock Sell $KO

Coca Cola Company Logo

It is important to never marry any type of stock no matter how much you love their brand or their products. I’ve made that mistake before and payed dearly with experiencing dividend cuts and never ending grind down of the …

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Stock Sell $K

With a nice run up in the market lately, I chose sell my whole position of Kellogg Co. (K) out of my portfolio. Now, it wasn’t a big position by any means, but I must admit it, it has NOT

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Stock Sell $TROW

T Rowe Price Group LogoAnother one bites the dust! Once more I aim to rebalance the portfolio and get rid of the non-performers in order to seek Dividend Growth Investing perfection. I decided to go ahead and entirely sell out of my  T. Rowe

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Stock Sell $COP

As much as I hate selling any portion of my dividend income portfolio assets, this one needed to be severed from the rest of the group. I chose to go ahead and sell out of ConocoPhillips (COP) position entirely as …

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Stock Sell $CVX

Chevron-LogoAs many of you are aware, the depressed price of crude oil has dropped many of the worlds top oil and gas companies to their knees. This is primarily due to the price of oil being very closely correlated to …

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Stock Sell $BAX

Baxter-International-LogoThis next stock sale comes in no surprise to many of you. As I have mentioned in my previous sale post, Baxalta Inc. (BXLT) was the company that split its pharmaceutical business from Baxter International Inc. (BAX) in the …

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Stock Sell $BXLT

Baxalta_logoBaxalta Inc. (BXLT) was the company that split its pharmaceutical business from Baxter International Inc. (BAX) in the middle of this year. Unfortunately for its investors including myself, the split resulted in a significant dividend haircut from the parent company, …

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Stock Sell $INTC

Intel Corp Company LogoI have been invested in Intel Corp. for a few years now. It is tough when businesses that you think will do good or even great just flat out flops. It happens, especially more often with technological and biopharmaceutical companies. …

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