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Costco Wholesale Company LogoThis company has been on a tear in terms of stock appreciation over the last few years. I’ve been holding this investment for a while now, more specifically since 2015. You can see my purchase post located here. Even though Costco Wholesale Corp. ($COST) has been a great investment over these last few years, I have decided to sell my whole holding due the following reasons below. But, don’t get me wrong, the company remains very strong especially fundamentally. That is the beauty of having so many great companies to invest in the stock market, you can pick and choose.

  • Low dividend yield
  • My shopping habits changed and shop a lot less at Costco
  • Don’t want to own it any more

I sold all 13 shares of Costco Wholesale Corp. ($COST) for the price of $211.62 per share for a total recoupment of $2,746 subtracting of around $29.64 to my annual dividend income. 


The Portfolio “The Dividend Machine” has been updated with link ➡️ here.

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  1. DividendVet on December 31, 2019 at 21:25

    Kicking myself big time for the selling my stake in COST!

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