March 2017 Dividend Income

Hundred dollar bills in dividend incomeWith the end of March it is that time again to reap dividends that have been planted and been blooming beautifully for the last four years now. Come to find out, when I calculated all of the numbers together at …

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February 2017 Dividend Income

Hundred dollar bills in dividend incomeAnother month is in the books and it is time to report that passive dividend income for February 2017. Now, you guys already know why I truly love dividend paying companies and receiving dividends and even better those fabulous raises …

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Acquisition VZ

Verizon-company-logoAnother opportunity presented itself this month and I’ve decided to snatch up some additional shares of Verizon Communications, Inc. (VZ) into my portfolio. The primary reason that compelled this purchase to me is because the company is being offered at …

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Acquisition MAT

Mattel Company LogoI’ve been pretty quiet these last few months on the acquisition side of things primarily due to market unknowingness. Though with new President elected and nothing pending for market correction I went ahead and added to my current ownership of …

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December 2016 Dividend Income

Hundred dollar bills in dividend income

Happy New Years Everyone! The 2016 is officially behind us as it is time to look back at December’s dividend income received report. I am sure I’ve stated previously before, but dividend income is like free fuel supercharging the portfolio …

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November 2016 Dividend Income

Hundred dollar bills in dividend incomeNovember is officially done and gone and it is that time once again to tally up all of them dollars that were sent by the greatest companies around the world. It is the beautiful thing of being a shareholder and …

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